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3 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Social media makes it possible to instantly communicate with people all over the world, creates new opportunities for businesses everyday, and provides real-time news updates at the click of a home screen. On the down side, it has also created a false perception of what we should look like or aspire our lives to be.

Our Instagram accounts are constantly filled with staged images that create perceived narratives of outward beauty or fantasy lifestyles. We are not defined simply by our physical attributes, but it’s difficult to tune that out when our feeds constantly tells us otherwise.

There ARE accounts out there that aim to promote positivity and self-acceptance. We’ve rounded up a short list of a few of our favorite Instagram handles that are using their voices to empower others and encourage positive self-esteem...

1) Cleo Wade( @CleoWade)

“Be who you are, be who you want to be, make those the same thing, fall for yourself”, says artist, poet, and author, Cleo Wade. Her Instagram profile is filled with poems of encouraging words, reminding us that we can achieve anything when we stay true to ourselves.

2) Beauty Redefined(@beauty_redefined)

Beauty redefined is a nonprofit organization run by twin sisters Lindsay and Lexie Kite. Their goal is to teach women self-acceptance and redefine societies standards of beauty. They use their Instagram page to educate women on how to look beyond their bodies and proactively deal with the often harmful messages that social media brings.

3) Beauty Sick (@Beauty_sick)

Renee Engeln provides inspiration and advice on how to change women’s perceptions of beauty. Her extensive research has shown that women, although aware of these false ideals, are still harmed by being overexposed. Her message is to remind women to focus on their strengths and to be kind to their bodies.

Account like these are collectively challenging the social media standards and redefining beauty. They are also providing a safe space where women of all walks of life can embrace and feel empowered to be their true self. When we are presented with more body-positive and self-esteem boosting media, we can break down these barriers of beauty that mainstream society has instilled.

Everyone is unique in their own way - and these accounts are just a few of many that are dedicated to celebrating that.

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