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5 Tips to Boost Your Self Confidence

Psychological studies have shown time and time again that self esteem is essential to feeling worthy and able to achieve our full potential. The key to feeling good about ourselves is to take steps that make us feel as if we’re accomplishing — or at least advancing towards — our personal goals. Giving ourselves daily reminders of why we should feel proud nurtures our self esteem from within.

Here are five tips we can follow every day to help us cultivate our self confidence:

  1. Be specific. Generic daily affirmations of the Instagram meme variety do little to build up our self esteem. Don’t just tell yourself you’re great, hold yourself accountable and set attainable goals that will give you confidence boosts along the way.

  2. Recognize your strengths. Perhaps you’re an enthusiastic cook. Maybe you made a client happy at work. Or maybe you made it to the gym three times this week. Celebrating those attributes and accomplishments — both big and small — will give you the drive to set goals and go further.

  3. Engage in activities that encourage and engage your abilities. Talented in the kitchen? Host a dinner party and invite your most appreciative friends. That client that was pleased with your work? Ask to take on a larger role with that account. Enjoying your workouts? Perhaps hire a trainer who will help you refine your regimen. Collaborating with others who support your efforts is key to nourishing your self worth.

  4. Accept outside feedback. Whether wholly positive or constructive, the input from those people closest to you — trusted friends, family, co-workers — can provide some perspective and invaluable insight into what you’re actually accomplishing day to day and give you areas of improvement.

  5. Support others’ self esteem. Surrounding yourself with people who are also working towards the goal of becoming more self confident can bolster your collective efforts. Encouraging self esteem in others, especially girls and young women who may be struggling with body image, confidence and self expression, can be just the boost you need to feel good about yourself in the process.

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