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Brands We Love: Marketing With a Mission

When brands and consumers work in unison on a social mission, the impact can be significant. Here's just a few of the many brands we admire that have made a statement with their marketing strategies to work towards change.


“Girl Power, Body Positivity, No Retouching”

Aerie is doing a great job of making women feel empowered in their own skin. Long before the term "body positive" became fashionable, Aerie was a forerunner in promoting the visibility of women with a range of shapes and sizes. The brand's no airbrushing #AerieReal campaign not only introduces a greater cohort of un-retouched models with bums, hips and chests of all sizes, but also encourages its consumers to take part by posting their own #AerieReal photos. Kudos to them for helping young women feel comfortable in their bodies.


"Sorry, Not Sorry"

Pantene's "Sorry, Not Sorry" commercial from 2014 asks the question: "why are women always apologizing?", and instead encourages them to "be strong, and shine." The commercial displayed how often women are “sorry” and apologize, even when it’s not needed. Then they flipped the script with different scenarios, inspiring women to celebrate their strength.

The commercial is a staggering look into the mirror of a woman's view of how they matter in life. We feel we always have to apologize, but why? Watch the commercial here.

Marketing is a powerful force: one with the potential to change ideas and create positive action. What are some of your favorite campaigns out there using #purposemarketing?

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