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Fast Fashion is a Growing Crisis

Author : Tara Delano, Fall 2021 Intern

The resource intensive manufacturing cycle for fashion is firing rapidly every day, this rapid cycle has resulted in fast fashion. Fast Fashion is mass produced clothing that is made prior to customers purchasing. Fast fashion is an irresponsible way of using our resources, underpaying workers, and is creating massive dumps into the United States landfills and oceans. It is projected that by 2030 fashions consumption of resources will double, there will be more plastic and harmful waste in our oceans than marine life in 30 years if we continue on this path! In order to prevent these situations from occurring here are some ways you can do your part.

- Rented, donated, or loaned clothing can help to haul the continuous rapid manufacturing cycle and can conserve our resources.

- Another way to slow the cycle can be to redesign the use of your clothing or alter items to work in another way.

- Vintage is not only stylish but can also prevent the manufacturing cycle from rapidly firing.

- Custom made products are another great way to help preserve resources due to an ondemand ordering cycle.

- Domestically produced products and donating clothing can also add to sustainable fashion.

Get involved by using these tips to conserve our resources today!

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