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The carefree summer season means warmer temps, more sunshine and longer days to enjoy favorite activities and spending time with friends. But as we move through August and into the back-to-school season, feelings of melancholy and anxiety can creep in -- for kids and adults. Doesn’t everyone get that “time to get serious” feeling right after Labor Day, no matter if we’re 6 or 60?

Here are 5 tips to help the transition from summer to fall, whether you’re headed back to school or into your busiest time at the office:

  1. Begin implementing earlier bedtimes. September means gradually waning sunlight and earlier evenings. Gently reset your internal clock to match Mother Nature by winding down and getting ready for bed a little earlier than during the looser schedules of summer.

  2. Make back-to-school (or back-to-business) planning fun. Involve your kids in implementing schedules for homework and buying back-to-school supplies. By helping pick out calendars, backpacks and colored markers (and maybe a new day planner or phone case for you), your kids will look at this time as an exciting new beginning rather than an ending.

  3. Talk it out. If you’re noticing behavior that’s out of the norm -- trouble going to bed or getting up in the morning, feelings of sadness or anxiety, throwing tantrums (this goes for you as well as your kids), address it right away. Gently ask what might be bothering them to get them to open up, and set a good example with your own behavior.

  4. Foster relaxation techniques. Just as your yoga practice has taught you mindfulness and the importance of paying attention to your breath, your kids can benefit from the same approach. Teach your kids to be present in stressful situations by taking deep breaths and by recalling happy memories that bring them a sense of joy.

  5. Set goals and celebrate achievements. Review the accomplishments of the past year and determine areas of growth for the months ahead. By having something to strive towards and recognizing the victories along the way, girls and women of all ages find their true self worth.

Whether the last days of summer find you organizing your closet or buying back-to-school supplies, you can help Project Style’s mission of educating at-risk youth about the connection between self-esteem and the way we dress. We are holding a clothing drive at Base Salon in Chicago’s West Loop through Sept. 1 that will go towards our in-school workshops. And, shopping for school supplies on means a donation for our organization with every purchase when you designate Project Style as your charity of choice.

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