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What Does it Mean to Be an Empowered Woman Today?

For better or worse, women’s empowerment is most definitely a hallmark of our times. The downside may be why this phrase has gained sudden prominence (given the current cultural and political climate), but the very clear upside is the spotlight shining once again on issues of equality. Not since the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s have matters such as equal pay, sexual harassment laws and reproductive rights been so front in center around our dining tables, in our classrooms and at our country’s Congressional hearings.

Despite the headlines, many of us still may speculate on why women’s empowerment is important. Ask yourself this: Have you ever felt harassed or even uneasy on the job due to your gender? Based on the overwhelming response to the #MeToo Movement, many of us have. The tendency to think that these things no longer happen in this day and age has been proven not only false, but dangerous to perpetuate. Complacency is the enemy of empowerment.

In our day-to-day life, women’s empowerment can take many forms, some radical, some quiet and even unnoticed. A great first step in feeling empowered is encouraging one another as fellow females rather than tearing each other down. Being a empowered woman means to have strength and courage in order to be in control of our lives, being aware of all of our unique capabilities and feeling ready to take on the world -- and helping other women to feel the same.

Living as an empowered woman does not mean that you’ll feel like Wonder Woman at all times. It only means that when you fall, you pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes and feel supported by your community. Being an empowered woman means building your empire with confidence and determination, all while uplifting your peers.

At Project Style, we reach girls who are on the verge of becoming strong young women. We arm them with the tools that build their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem at the very age when they need them most.

Are you ready to be empowered and to inspire the next generation of fearless women?

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