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Women Who Inspire Us: Kamie Crawford

Multi-Media Journalist, Television Host, Producer, Model, Entrepreneur and Former Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford is the ultimate #GirlBoss. We sat down with Kamie to chat about how she got where she is today, how she deals with self-doubt, and what goals she setting to conquer next.

How did you get involved in your field?

I started on a completely different path in high school. I wanted to be a Dermatologist, but after doing some on-camera work as Miss Teen USA, I realized I had passions elsewhere. I signed up for Communications classes in college, changed my major and the rest was history! In college I started taking courses outside of school to better myself on-camera and reached out to local news stations to pitch my own beauty and fashion segments and it just grew from there.

Who were your role models growing up? And why?

My mom has always been my biggest role model and inspiration. She’s a rockstar mom to five girls, including myself - she’s just the best. She’s always taught me that I can do literally anything, but never forced me in any direction in particular. She’s always encouraged me to follow my passions and my heart.

You’re an advocate for body positivity, did you ever think you would be the one to be a role model to others?

I was bullied a lot when I was younger and it had a real effect on my self-esteem, but being a big sister I knew I had to change the way I saw myself in order to be there for my little sisters who look up to me. I don’t see body positivity as being brave for being different, it’s really about being accepting of who you are. If I can show people how to accept and love themselves the way I’ve learned to, then I’ve done my part

Being a model and TV personality requires a lot of confidence, how do you remain confident? What do you do in moments of self-doubt?

I have come to understand my value as a woman and as a human being, so I don’t seek my own value through the validation of others. It hasn’t always been easy, but learning to love yourself and not place blame on yourself for the mistakes you make in life will make you feel so much better about the person that you are. I still have times when I ask myself “what are you even doing?”, but I’ve come to realize that that’s just fear and it shouldn’t be fed. I try to do the things I’m afraid of to show myself that there’s no reason to be afraid.

What advice can you give to someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

There is no right or wrong way to achieve the things that you want. There is no secret formula. You have to direct your own path and be confident in the choices that you make. Network, network, network and put yourself out there. Always remember it’s okay to change course.

At such a young age you’ve accomplished so much, what’s your next goal?

I want to have a steady job on a network that values me and what I can bring to an audience. I love freelancing because it gives me so much freedom, but I’d love some normalcy and consistency in my life! :)

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